I started hosting a little over 4 years ago after what I would call an early 20s crisis. Following a difficult break up, I didn’t seem to understand how my ex found solace in his career during what seemed like the end of the world, eventually making me wonder why I didn’t have something else to turn to besides our relationship. Although I was in college with a job & internship, I realized there was nothing in my life that brought me pure joy. I prayed for God to awaken my purpose & help me understand my calling. I can’t really explain how it happened (that’s how I know it was from up above), but he led me to hosting. Next thing I knew I was telling everyone on YouTube I was going to be a talk show host. I still watch that video every time I get discouraged or overwhelmed. It reminds me of how open & unafraid I was to take on this calling.

Following that video, opportunities started to come my way that I didn’t even seek out. I hosted a huge talent show case in LA, which led me to meet my future co-host, Carlton Epic. We then developed a web-series for Stevie Wonder’s radio station 102.3 KJLH. I spent almost 4 years working on this show while simultaneously taking on other projects. I really thought we were making a break through then everything came crashing down. We underwent copyright issues & had to completely rebrand. It was during the rebranding process that we decided this was a broken record.

We both agreed that although we worked hard the past 4 years, this show wasn’t exactly what either of us wanted to invest all of our energy into, we had different ideas on what it should be and figured it would be better to pursue our independent projects. The most difficult part was parting ways with Carlton; we had built a bond that was rare in this industry and relied on each other every step of the way. Going out on my own seemed scary and overwhelming.

Although I knew this was the time to start my own show, I was still hesitant. After facing some very serious health issues, I realized I couldn’t waste anymore time. Feeling the need to pursue my purpose, I created Starring Milana. Filming this show & putting it out for the world to see has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

From developing the content, building the set, filming the episodes, and promoting the show I’ve faced many challenges, but it was a journey worth taking. I vow to be transparent with both my struggles and successes, hoping to inspire even one person to follow their dreams & take that leap of faith.