For those of you who don’t know, aside from hosting, I work full time at an event design & rental company called Revelry Event Designers. We specialize in high end weddings and parties. We got booked to do an event in Hawaii and that is all I can say about that since I signed an NDA. Nonethless, this blog isn’t about my job, it’s about the discoveries I made whilst on my work trip.

Prior to the trip, I was looking to start a new book & begin practicing meditation. With my busy schedule, it is hard to put those two things into my routine but I knew I would have some free time the week I was there. The event was on the Big Island in Kona. We stayed at the most beautiful hotel, which I think is now one of my favorite places on earth, the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai.

With such an incredible resort and beautiful beach, this was the perfect place to do my first GUIDED meditation session. Now, I’ve attempted to meditate before but because I’m so restless, my mind wandered off & I couldn’t focus on my thoughts yet alone my breaths. I researched apps for assistance and one of the top rated apps for guided meditation was Headspace. Using this app is just as beneficial as going to a meditation class. Now I’m only about 10 days in, but so far I’ve felt more relaxed & overall I’ve felt more joy. I have been more patient in my encounters & calmer during confrontations. There is a guide who speaks to you through every session and you have all sorts of resources available like daily reminders, music, meditation for different situations & etc. If you are looking to begin meditation, I would definitely suggest this app.

Between working full time, focusing on my show/blog and finding time to work out, it has been extremely difficult to start and finish a book. Since I was going to be flying for over 5 hours, I decided to make that time count. I asked my followers across all social media platforms to recommend good books. Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill was the most recommended & ironically, I’ve had it in my library for years & haven’t gotten around to it. This is exactly what I was in need for, a book for personal development. Sure, you can roll your eyes at another self-help book, but I wouldn’t judge it if you haven’t read it. Although the title suggests increased income, for me it was more about success & happiness in my line of work. It has retaught me to find happiness in my process. Although I have a few chapters left, I understand the ideology that Hill is suggesting. The difficult part is putting the ideology to work & not only thinking it but FEELING it. Emotion has to be attached to your thoughts, otherwise you’re just going through the motions.

Between meditation and Think and Grow Rich, I am in a better mental and emotional state than I was all year. I was beginning to lose my mojo, but this trip to Hawaii brought me back to a place of confidence, hope & happiness. Besides that, my work event was successful & I took a few great photos, Enjoy!